24 - 25 October, 2017 | Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia

Michael Dalton

Cluster Director Security and Risk
Marriott Hotels

1:20 PM Hotel Case study: Building a Culture of ‘See something, Say something, Do something’ - Leveraging Safety from Hundreds of Sets of Eyes

While hotels provide civilian protection during an emergency, they can also be the target of an attack.

This session will tackle the follow issues:
  • Procedures for providing shelter and reducing the number of people on the streets
  • Training security staff to be vigilant for odd behaviours
  • Threat assessment and risk based decisions – getting away from generic approaches
  • What does a lock down actually mean? Reviewing staff procedures for swift a response to ensure safety
  • Scenario planning if the hotel is the target
  • Reviewing the three principles of ‘run, hide and fight’
  • Communicating the principles of self protection to employees
  • Taking an outwards in approach to venue protection

5:20 PM DISCUSSION PANEL: Strengthening the Interaction Between Police, Venues, Transport and Emergency Services

The threat environment for security has changed as we know it. This discussion will examine in broad terms how key stakeholders are now responding to the changing nature of security incidents:

  • Comparing the counter-terrorism mandates across venues in Europe and the US - what can Australia learn?
  • Analysing intelligence sharing between all stakeholders – how can this be improved?
  • In terms of protecting public venues, how is the level of police presence decided?
  • Should the community or the venue pay for police presence?
  • Defining active security responding capability
  • How this drives the strategy for venue owners
  • Security at Major Events - Where does a Venue’s Protection of the Public Stop?

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