24 - 25 October, 2017 | Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia

Craig Sheridan APM

Lead Security and Risk Advisor, Vivid Sydney 2018, Destination NSW and Security Lead,
Vivid Sydney 2017, 2018, Destination NSW, Star Entertainment Group

2:30 PM Target Hardening for Mass Gatherings

This workshop will cover:
  • Ensuring a Culture of Security while Managing the fan Experience
  • Best Practice Emergency Management Planning and Training
  • Hardening Strategies for Existing Venues
  • Precinct Security Emergency Management Planning
  • Protecting your Venue through Access Control Technologies

Workshop leader:

4:00 PM Vivid Festival Case Study: 2017 Lessons Learned

Vivid Sydney 2017 attracted 2.3 million people in an open environment. Based in the open streets of Sydney, it’s a challenging event to harden against attack.

This case study will examine:
  • Strategies for managing the safe and smooth flow of people in an open space
  • Target hardening intersection and installations
  • How commercial business leaders, artists, and agencies were involved in planning
  • Planning for worst case scenario - crisis and emergency response procedures review

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Craig.

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